Passing Court

Thank God, the day has finally come when I can say, "WE PASSED COURT." I have only dreamed about this day where I could say we are on our way to bring home our beautiful baby boy whom we will be calling Aiden Alazar Matthew  Knitter. I hold a huge sense of relief that we are over this hurdle that took so long to climb. I had thought that I would be frantically rushing around to get things done but I am so calm and relaxed. I also had some anxiety about traveling and leaving our children home while we go to Ethiopia but I am completely okay with that as well.  I'm sure I will get nervous as we get more near. We have tentative travel dates of August 23 - August 27. Maybe I'm calm because we still have some time before we travel. I am sure that will all change as I am a true procrastinator.#*

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Court Date

In case you didn't know, we received a court date!

We are so over joyed to have a resolution to this entire adoption ban. Our court date is set for July 28th. We do not have to be there because we have an appointed power of attorney that will go to the court date in Ethiopia for us. Once we pass we need to wait for our travel dates. I can not wait to bring our little baby boy home forever.

Today we also received another treat. We received a video of Aiden. He is so very cute. He looks so happy and calm. I just wanted to jump into the video and give him big kisses and hugs. I just need to try to stay busy for a couple more weeks. Whats a couple more weeks after all the time we have waited so far.