Waiting is not what I am best at........

I was never truly great at waiting. I am okay if I am working towards somethingand then achieve whatever it is in the end, but waiting around and doingnot much of anything is starting to get to me. Of course I do have the olderkids to keep me busy but still it's really starting to get to me. I thinkthat maybe if I didn't know that I was so very close it wouldn't be so hardto wait. Dropping in numbers on the waiting lists was so exciting and fora bit I wasn't sure that I was mentally ready for the referral to come. It'skind of like going to an amusement park. You know your going to get on aride and it might just be a scaryone too. Then when you are actually waiting in line (referral wait list)you get really nervous and the butterflies are going crazy. You see the entranceto the ride (being #3) and you start to freak out just a little and you alsoget oh so excited. Then......... it stops. No one is moving and your getting a bit tired of the waiting game.
Iknow that I haven't waited that long and by all means others have waitedsometimes years before wrapping their arms around their child/children. Ithink that because I saw the boys waiting list's numbers go down so fastit created a monster out of me. I also know that the court dates in Ethiopiaare filling up right now and if we do not get a court date prior to Augustwe won't get one until October. I knew that this adoption would bring outthe strength in me that I may not have known I had. I just pray every daythat I stay strong and trust God and his plan.


Crazy Weekend Fun

So we had ourselves a crazy fun weekend.
We went to Wisconsin Dells this past weekend and played with the kids and the hubbies side of the family at the water park.
We had a blast!

I don't have too many photos of the actual water park because we were too busy playing in the water and I was afraid I would either loose my camera or ruin it in the water. The kids had a free for all and we let them run where ever they wanted in the park (enclosed area).
They came and found us when they wanted us to go down a slide with them or when they needed food or drink.

We decided to go out to dinner one night and got to dress up as a herd of moose. The food was great and the kids had a blast with their moose gear on.

JJ was such a clown at dinner. If this kid doesn't make you laugh when you're around him there is defiantly something wrong with you. The vibes that this kid gives off could light up an entire room in seconds.
Daddy and his little girl posing as the fashionable moose heads. A is so sweet. She would do anything for you in a heart beat. Except wear what you would like her to wear. She's a little head strong in that area. What little girl doesn't want to wear what she wants to!
She did love the moose head gear and wore it proudly.

The rest of the gang. A little water-logged and moosed out.


Where have I been?

No, I haven't been anywhere exciting. I have been sick with some kind of evil sinus cold.

Except I did not wear as much make-up as this chick. Instead I probably looked as though I were half dead. I feel much better and have a lot of catch-up blogging to do. We managed to get away this past weekend for some play time with the kiddos at an indoor water park. I'll post pictures and more about that later. For now I just wanted to let you know that that I am still alive and kicking and we are still #3. We've been slowly getting things ready for the baby and praying for that referral to come.


The Rush

Okay this morning I went on with my business just like any other day. I woke up happy it was Friday, I love Fridays because I get to wear jeans to work, never thought wearing jeans would make me so happy. Anyway, I got the kids off to school and went to work. I opened up my e-mail and swore that today I would not open my personal e-mail until I got Some of the things off of my very messy desk. I was at work for maybe 15 minutes when I felt the uncontrollable urge to open my personal e-mail. It's so addicting but I truly cannot think about anything other than what news may be in my e-mail. I opened it and scanned through it until I found "we got THE call" and the this rush came over me. I started to shake a bit and my stomach flipped inside out a few times. Ladies and gentleman this was me finding out someone else received their referral, what am I going to be like when we get the actual CALL? So this now means that we are unofficially #3. I so do not want to be #1! I want to just get the call. I sometimes think that maybe I should just not read my personal e-mail anymore and just get the call without expecting it at all.

Hmmmm Maybe not.

I do not think I can go that long without communicating with the other families adopting. It is so addicting!! But what a great thing to get addicted to!

Happy to be #3!


So confused

Okay, so I may be wrong on my number. Matt in the #1 position brought it to my attention that we are not number #5 but instead we are #4. WHAT????? That is crazy! WOW! I don't think I will be able to get to sleep tonight. Being able to watch the number list makes this wait fun.

We're movin' on up

There was another boy referral today!! We are now sitting at unofficially #5 on the boys list.
Today it has been exactly 2 months of being on the waiting list. I hope those referrals keep on rolling in. As excited as I may be it is truly sad to think about all of the mothers and families needing to make these sacrifices for there children and surrender them for one reason or another. Every time I hear of a referral I say a special prayer for them. I have never had so many mixed emotions about something in my life. I new that this adoption would give me a life lesson that I would cherish forever but I have never thought it would effect me so early in the adoption. I am soaking it all up and can only pray that the bumps in the road we will face will only be those we walk over on the way from our hotel room to Hannah's Hope on that very special day.


Some Winter Fun & New Numbers

First of all I am under the understanding that I am a true slacker when it comes to this blogging stuff. I have been very busy with work and kids so it seems to go off to the wayside. Yesterday we received our new numbers!

We are now 8 for a boy and 21 for a girl. We are thinking BLUE in the Knitter house hold. I believe that there were 2 other boy referrals and 1 girl which would then bring us to 6 for a boy and 20 for a girl.
Who's counting anyway right.

So we finally got some warmer weather and the kids & Matt were able to get out and play a bit last weekend. They played broom ball on Saturday and Hockey on Sunday. For me I didn't do much except sit in the recliner all weekend because I threw my neck out of whack doing absolutely nothing. So it was off to see the Chiropractor on Saturday morning and ice the rest of the weekend. The kids had a blast though and I did manage to go to the park for a bit to take some of the fun in and take a few pictures.

They were having so much fun. .

Aren't they too cute.

They can't wait for their little brother or sister to come home so they can teach them all of the stuff they know.